Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photo Editing

Today I wanna show you how to edit your photo with Adobe Photoshop, I'm not sponsored by Adobe by the way just so you know.. Okay then just lets get to it.. This photo editing will make your photo have much softer look, and its not showing too complicated steps.

first open your photo that you want to edit. I use my own photo for this tutorial sake

Notice my lips.. It's chapped, that's my nightmare all these years! I've tried everything.. lip balm, honey, doctors cream.. nothing's work.. hehehe okay lets take a deep breath and just edit that lips with photoshop.. I press alt + click on the lips to take the color (on brush mode) and then I brush the lips using soft brush and less the opacity. Add a little burn (less the opacity) for the darker part so it looks more natural.

Much better.. Then I duplicate the layer by dragging the layer into the add layer icon (it's on the second bottom right corner)

Then on the blending option, choose the screen blend.

It's a little too bright, so less the opacity of the blend. Move the cursor until you reach the looks that you prefer

Then click the add layer icon

Fill the layer with soft skin color, I used pastel yellow orange from the color pallete. You could use another color so it would make your photo interesting

Now we are done!.............

Hehehe just kidding.. From the blending options choose Multiply

Now we are pratically done here, cause we have the softer look that we want. But i want to make me more stand out in the photo so I blur the background. This steps are optional.

Select the two photo layer by click shift + the layer. Then merge the layer by click ctrl + E

With Lasso tool draw around the background, left the center piece

refine the edge of the selection by click the select button on the toolbar, click modify, feather then fill the box with 2 or 3 pixels.

Then in the Filter tool select Blur, Lens blur.. move the radius cursor until it reach the look that you prefer

Now we are totally done!!.. Here is the before and after

Fiuuuhh.. So let me know when you use this tutorial.. Is it useful? :) Have fun

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