Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY Project Gone Ugh

I saw lots of tutorials to draw your design directly to your porcelain dish with markers over the internet and decided to just make one. Lots of the tutorials used Sharpie marker, so I hunt one over the office stores.. But unfortunately Sharpie wasnt sold in my country, so I try another permanent paint marker that could use in any surface...

Then I tried it.. just a simple typo "Mon Amour" on a mug that I intended to give my husband.. First sketch that I did was already a dissapoinment.. It's smeared! but then I tried to fix it with a cotton bud and it turn alright. Then I bake it like all the tutorials instructed too.. Although it doesnt said on the marker.. But still I want to know the result..

Waaakkk.. It melted! It stained all over the mug and  the pan.. Hikzz.. But despite the melting,  the typos not gone.. Its just faded a little.. So my heart not entirely broken (thats too over reacting isnt it)..

So with all that tragedy.. I still have the urge to show you the result.. and maybe you could tell me how's it looks like


Is it fixable?

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