Sunday, August 5, 2012


Finally I'm working on my wedding photo album for our moms. It's been 3 months since our wedding (what have I been doin?!)
I totally forgot actually, and then my mom ask for it. Sorry mom, I've done it! I'm sending it tomorrow.

Here is what I made

Sorry for the blury image. I make up to you with how I made this lace photo album.

I made it with: Linen paper; carton; lace; foam lining; piece of plastic; thread; scissors; cutter; ruler; brush; glue.

1. prepare all the material, I already cut my linen paper into the size that I wanted 2. Fold it half 3. stack it and then binding it by gluing the side, clam it with clams or stack it between thick books 4. While waiting the glue to dry, cut the carton for back and front cover, a little less wide than the linen paper, my linen paper is 11.7 x 16.7 cm and my carton is 11.7 x 15.7 cm.

5. Cut a little rectangle where ever you want your cover photo to be, mine on the the right corner 6. Then get your foam lining and cut as same as the size of the carton 7. Glue the lining to the carton, and cut where the rectangle is with scissor 8. Cut the lace much bigger than the carton.

9. Glue the lace to the carton and a piece of plastic at the back covering the rectangle. Also glue your cover photo on the linen paper, dont forget to measure it first 10. Glue the lace carton to the linen paper, you are half done. for more durability I want to add stitch binding to it, I add two holes by punch it with nail and hammer 11. Then I stitch it with packing needle and thread, if You have embroidery thread then use it. I dont have it so I use lots of thread and stitch it over and over 12. All done! You can add embelishment or you could cover the binding area with lace or linen paper, up to your creativity.

Deni draw the inside with a fish and a lamb illustration because I'm a Pisces and He's an Aries. Cute! Now just add your pictures to it. Have fun

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