Monday, September 3, 2012

Instagram wall art with ribbon hanger

Hiya guys! Instagram is very popular lately, so I made an instagram look a like for our pictures. Why look a like? because these photos not from instagram. I edit it in Photoshop and turn it into  4x4" size, then I digital print it in our local print shop on a 260 gr Artpaper sheet. This ribbon hanger could be use for hanging your printables too.

Here's how I did it..

you'll need:

  • 4x4" photos

  • carton, I bought it on our local office supplies store. I bought the 2 mm thickness, if you want it thicker you'll need a heavy duty hole puncher.

  • hole puncher

  • cardstock paper or fabric, I used a handmade recycle paper

  • ribbon

  • scrap paper (optional)

  • regular glue

  • glue gun


1. Cut you photos 2. For the base I used carton that I cut 14x14" size, because it's quite thin I layered the back with another carton but leaving the spot where I want to punch hole on it 3. to cover the base I used handmade recycle paper, could you see the texture? :) 4. Then I used scrap paper for hole punches space ( you could really skip this part is up to you), mark the spot where you want to punch then punch it with hole puncher 5. Then I arrange the photos, and start gluing it on from the bottom 6. Slip your ribbon through the hole leaving enough ribbon to make a bow, Miu helping me with this one 7. make a bow! 8. glue the bow with glue gun. And you're finish! make a lot of this and start cover your wall with it haha

Hope you like it :)

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