Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY Mini Note Book

HI Guys! How are you? so long since i've post anything.. Im busy with our new Paperon product, so hoping I could show them right away.

So today im going to post my mini note book project, I made it with company notebook that I have lay around.

If you wanna make it, here's how I done it

First gather your materials:

  • a notebook or you could make from printing paper cut in half and fold and stapled in the center

  • white glue

  • kraft paper

  • paper doily

  • permanent marker


First I cut a company notebook to a size that I wanted, then I glue the binding with white glue and clam it with paper clip and let it dry. Then for the note book cover I made it from a cereal box.


Then with a kraft paper.. well actually mine called samson paper so it has a lighter shade but it similar to kraft paper, cut slightly bigger than the ceral box cover. Then glued the paper to the cereal box cover.



I made a drawing with a doily paper, then stenciled with a permanent marker, you could use any color you want.


Fun right! :)


Then glue the excess to the inside.





After all dry. I glued the note book paper to the cover.. Press until it dry.


I covered the inside with a cardstock

Yay! It's done. Im gonna put any ideas I got in there.. :)

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