Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paper Cutting

So one day I had nothing to do, do you have those days when your creativity seems blocked but you want to do something anyway. Well I just scrolling through my instagram (it's @arq_den in case you want to check :P) I follow this guy @cooperscuts he is a paper cutter artist, well I dont know what he's called I just called him that :D anyway this guys works are amaaaazing, always drop my jaw when I see his works. So I kinda feeling inspired and start making this..

paper cutting by Paperon paper cutting by Paperon


Certainly mine was not as good as him, lots of clumsy cuts here and there. But I like the out come, and I incorporate the method to my mini handmade notebook.

paper cutting by Paperon


How's your week? do you found new method to outlet your creavity?


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