Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Tiny Studio

Moved my studio again haha, it's a lot smaller but more dedicated office/work area. This room is the back room, it's always messy and feel kinda isolated, so I decide to bright it up by moved my studio in there. Here's the before picture, we moved and clean most of the clutter though.

And in all the bits and blobs. This is the view from the door, first  view is my print and cutting table that my friend built for me, the legs made of two shelves that house all my print tools and inks and on the opposite of the table is my sewing machine, on the far back on the left is my office area and on the right an antique shelf that house my trusty printer. I still have to get some boxes for storage.

Still need a lot of boxes to stored all that mess under the table. The cart next to the table hold my fabrics, because I print small size fabrics, so it works for now.

Sorry for the low quality picture of the next picture, my camera battery is low and I forgot where the charger is. so this is my always messy office table.

Still lot of work to do, like painting the shelf, mount the wall fan, change the curtain, get a lot of boxes, etc.. etc.. Hope to update real soon.

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