Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tropical Flora in Watercolor

I made this pattern for a huge competition some time ago. And in the process of making it I made a quick tutorial that I posted in my instagram @paperondesign promised to make an in depth tutorial on how to make pattern repeats from hand drawings, still haven't had the time for the tutorial, hopefully in the middle of this month.

Anyway, because it didn't make it through the competition, still much to learn about trends and how to incorporate it in my design, the 2015 / 2016 trends are more abstract and playing with colors, monochromatic and bold. I put the pattern up on my spoonflower and woven monkey shop. It's not yet for sale on spoonflower, but if you're interested just convo me there and I'll make it for sale :)

I made this pattern from hand watercolor drawing, and just scan it and then digitally scale and recolored in photoshop. 

I love this duck green background color. because it gave much more depth and texture to the drawings.

Lovin it more on the pillow :)

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