Sunday, August 12, 2012

festive ball recipe

So I made this for our ladies gathering, you could see my post of how I packed it  here.. what do you called it? cookies? candy? I dont know hahaha.. you name it..

It's very easy.. and its no bake!

You just need: cheese filling cracker ( I used Ritz cracker), condensed milk or creamer, chocolate compound, and festive chocolate sprinkles.

So just crushed all the crackers in a bowl  until there is no lumps. Add in the condensed milk to the crushed crackers and mix it until it sticky on your hand. Form it into a ball the size its up to you, then set it aside. In a microwave or according to the instruction, melt the chocolate compound. Roll the ball into the melted chocolate until its covered, then quickly roll it to the chocolate sprinkles. Put all the cookie balls into a sealed container then refrigerate it.

Easy right? It's sweet and tasty and your kids will definitely like it (or you, me are definitely love it).. A lil bit (or much) of chocolate is good for your soul :) enjoy

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