Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Fabric Little Box

Hi Guys! I want to show you how you could reuse your perfume box. Im a craft supplies hoarder (made my husband having migrane because of it) so it's  good to have a cute storage for my supplies. So here is it..

You'll just need  perfume box or  milk carton, cute fabric (I used scraps), glue (PVA or mod podge), scissor, interfacing (optional, if your fabric is too thin), button, fosm lining or dacron.

How To:

1. cut your box into the size that you want. 2. because my perfume box is tall, it made my inside box small. So I change the orientation of the box (see picture no.2).

3. cut it for the box and for the lining too, I end up used two perfume box and you can cut the fabric now to size. 4. shape your box and glue it. 5. use masking tape for the side. 6. glue the lid

7. Here is my already cut fabric, I add interface to it. 8. now you can glue the fabric to your box.

9. for the lid before I glue all the side I inserted two foam lining to it, or you could use dacron. 10. I covered all the outer box. Before I glue the lining I stitch a twine for the button to the lid, I recommend you use an elastic band because it would be easier when closing the lid to the button.

11. glue the lid lining. 12. and the inside lining. 13. Stitch or use a glue gun to attach the button.

you could use it as a sewing box and the top can be your pins cushion.

Or maybe a jewelry box! The possibility are endless, it's up to you. Have fun

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  1. very cute! Love the idea of turning the cover as a pin cushion!

  2. I love this box, it looks a bit like a treasure chest. I'm definitely going to try it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. great :) love to see how it turn out