Friday, August 17, 2012

Why I Write In English and Kitty Labor

It's our Independence day today August 17th, so I think Im going to post why I write in English on my post today although i'm an Indonesian. And why kitty labor? because yesterday my kitty had babies! I'll tell you the stories after Indonesia story.

But before we go to the cause, It's better to introduce a bit of Indonesia to theirs who doesnt familiar with it. Indonesia is a young country, only 67 years of independence. Its a country located in Southeast Asia, crossed by the equator and in between  Asia and Australia continent also between Pacific and Hindia Ocean. Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world, consist of 13.487 islands. Between all the islands, I live in the Javanese Island, my husband and I live on Central Java, my parents on West Java and my in-laws on East Java. Because Indonesia is an archipelago we have so many culture and language diversities  and that make us unique.

Well.. Maybe you already yawning now, so I just get to the part on why I write in English. Despite with all the misspell and really need a grammars check (sorry ) but im learning and its good to know that I've reached people not only in my country but also from around the world, for that I'm thank you for the appreciation. And for my country.. I love you and I hope you'll have a good leader that could help you grow better and I hope I also could be worthy to you.. Long Live Indonesia!

And the kitty labor! yesterday Puci, my kitty had babies, one died  because its mother is to young to have babies actualy so her instinct not that quick enough to handle her baby. Its because Bow-bow (the male) couldnt wait to mate her

I helped her two other babies, one nearly died but then I cleansed the snort and liquids from its mouth and it breathing! Fiuh Im so relieve, like I want to cry watching Puci in pain and its babies now well and breathing.. Quite a night.. here are some pictures of the babies

Awwwwhhhh.. So cute right? I think there's more to come... Hope you enjoy my stories..

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