Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Knee Length Boots get cut!

Hi Guys! So I have this knee length boots that I wore maybe two times since I bought it. It's my fault really, I live in a tropical climate country so why in the h*ll did I need any knee length boots for?! unless you are a cosplayer certainly hehehe... So the boots only sit on my shoe rack since I dont know when, Then I have crazy idea to just cut it! When I took the boots, its all covered in dust and I smelled something.. I realize its become my two kitten litter box!hahaha.. So I wash it first.. and then get it cut.. If you want to know how I done it.. here's the process

I just cut it into the desired length. And with glue gun  glue the boots by folding it to the inside, but first I tuck the lining to the bottom so it wont get glued. After the boots all glued, then glue the lining by folding it on top of the glued boots so the lining will hide the raw cut. And.. it was done.. well it's still a blank canvas for me.. I'm thinking of many ideas of how I will accessories my boots.. with lace trim, little belts, or leather fringe.. hmmm I don't know yet.

So.. What will you accessories them with? tell me in the comment

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