Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lace Sleeves T-Shirt

God I miss blogging! haha.. my internets been down for several days now,  so I cant logon to my wordpress.. I'm desperate and want to know what's happening in my blog so I'm blogging in an internet cafe now hahaha.. Dont like it, I like a calm environment when I blog.. But I wanna share my recent DIY to you guys.. I have a thing with lace nowadays so I hacked my t-shirt and here is my process, It's not a step by step though

It's very simple.. First I take off the t-shirt sleeves with seam ripper, I open the sleeves and I used it as a pattern for my lace sleeves. Just fold the sleeve in half and put on the lace, also fold in half.. And cut it.  Then stitch the lace sleeves to the t-shirt. And It's done! How's my new t-shirt looked like? Hope you have nice weekend

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Love this. I love wearing tee shirts but sometimes I just feel too plain. This is definitely a great project for me and my daughter.

  2. great! thanks.. would love to see how yours turn out :)