Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weaved Notebook

Hi Guys! I got a task from my lecturer and he wants our task to be well designed or at least have a hardcover binding, and because I have a handmade paper goods shop.. why not I just made it by my self. Haa!

Here's how I made it..


  • old magazine, brochure or pamflet

  • cutting mat

  • cutter knife

  • glue

  • cardstock

  • sewing machine or needle and thread

  • embroidery thread

  • nail and hammer for punching holes


I made the base cover with cereal box that I cut to the size that I wanted. Then with the magazine strips (I cut about 2 cm wide) adhere it to the side (column) and the top (row) of the box, and then continue adhere the column (but just on side that touch the top row) until the box all covered.

With the column all glued, start weaving all the way down.

When you finished weaving, trim all the excess from the back so you know where to trim.

You could trim the corner so it curve, but I just leave it as it is.

I made the title cover with cardstock and then I stitch a frame with my sewing machine. Then I adhere it to the notebook.

Then I start the binding by clam the notebook with paper clip, so it nice and steady when I punch a hole with nail and hammer

I punch holes about 1.5 cm from the side. start from the center of the notebook by measure half from it size. after I found the center then measure half from the left side. And do the same for the right side, I got 7 holes from my measurements.

Then with embroidery yarn I then binding the notebook. Again start from the bottom center as on the 4th hole, down the 3rd hole loop to the side the up the 3rd hole, down the 2nd hole loop the side then up the 2nd hole, down the 1st hole the loop the side and the top then up the 1st hole and so on by checking which part you miss.. Ask me if you need a detailed binding tutorial. And you done!

Hope you like it. :)