Thursday, November 1, 2012

Carton Box Table

Hiya guys! its pretty much silent here in my blog right.. Well I wanna share you what I did for my new room..  I study in another city so I rented a small room (just a room and a little bathroom) although It's only 2 hours drive hehe but because I live on a small city where I could go just anywhere for 15 minutes, so 2 hours drive kinda beat me up haha.. Anyway I need furnitures to fill my room, and because I only live there for temporary, buying any is not really an option for me.. So I made this "coffee table" from a carton box from my fan packaging box.

I made this by just wrapped and glue down the carton box with brown paper, I made a cross from a cardboard to stabilize the inside although it still wont hold heavy things but just holding drinks or a laptop it still okay :), I covered the sides with patterned paper and then I mod podge it.

hehe  its messy in the inside, sorry :P

Now I just need lots of cute cushion.. :)


  1. huwaaaaahhhh....lucuuuuuu.... kreatif banget. suka sm blognya :)

  2. huwaaa seneng juga hehe.. makasih uda mampir (☆^O^☆)