Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hang Out " Souvenir Shop"

Lazy afternoon and we decided to take a stroll to our local souvenir shop "Mirota Batik", it's a favorite one stop shopping store for the tourist, international and domestic. It has everything from traditional food, snack and beverages, clothes, accesories, home decor, antiques, everythiiiing hahaha. Here's a few things that I captured.

Rice Bag

a tote made from rice bag

2012-11-27 19.03.00

antique register machine

2012-11-27 19.16.42

hanger made from bamboo

2012-11-27 19.19.06another beautiful wood hanger

hang outme find a safari hat and make a goofy smile

There's a lot of things that I dont snap a picture because Im busy checking cute things.. hehehe.. If you want me to take another pictures of other things that are there, Im gladly doing it :D

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