Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eraser Stamp Carving

Yay! finally I made my first eraser stamp, it’s so popular these days. Unfortunately in my country there’s not much tools available specially made for rubber/eraser carving. There’s no carving block nor the carving tools, well.. we have carving tools but there’s no size 1 for detail like the speedball or staedler has.

Luckily my friend gave me this vintage carving tool that has small size although it’s not size one, and I think it’s intended for a different media like wood. But there’s a say here in my country “tak ada rotan, akar pun jadi” literally means “there’s no rattan, then root it is” which meaaans we could use everything available that we have to make it happen.. So I make it happens.

Here’s some of the stamps that I made

coffee hi logo please send to

I'm addicted now, and purchased online for a carving block so I could make a bigger design. I learned many things these past few days and I will share it on my blog.. So stay tune


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