Sunday, June 28, 2015

Terrarium Garden

Because i'm a plant killer, I have gave up on having plants in general, I have a crocheted cactus though and it's not kill-able so that counts to having a plant right? right?

Speaking of plants, I just upload my terrarium artwork to my shop, if you are interested for all of you people who love to sew you can find it on my Spoonflower and Woven monkey, for those who not and prefer to just buy stuff like me (wink wink), well hey you can find it on my Society6 and my Redbubble.

If you do buying my artwork via those websites, I just wanna say thank you for supporting me, and I will do my best to constantly create new artwork.

Terrascope mockup on fabric

Terrascope mockup on model

Terrarium garden in watercolor background , Mockup on model image credits to

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