Monday, July 6, 2015

Printing in The Big Way

As a freelancer and an entrepreneur, I have to promote my self and my work, therefor I need to print out brochure, catalogs, and even portfolio look book of my pattern designs. I just stumble on this printing company tour on youtube, and their plant is huge! Big machines who does different type of things, but with all that machine they still rely on people to do the binding of their books, or catalogs, etc, so a human touch is always a plus. Anyway this company is and they just open their plant in Jakarta, Indonesia (my country). I haven't tried printing with them so if you have any experience with them please share, because I need to start making my look book.

Not just Asia, they also set up their printing company in Europe, as i've seen in this Printing Paris France video, so while you on your business trip, you still have access to a reliable printing company to print all your marketing tools.

Speaking of marketing tools, I want to share my latest name card design, this is the only promotional or marketing tools that I have right now because my website is still on the go, so.. Yeah, I feel like a hobo and lack of self marketing. Let me know your promotional tools and what is working for you, share in the comments or if you feel ambitious link me to your post.

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