Tuesday, November 17, 2015

PaperOn Design Future

Helloooo! I just want to put my thoughts today on writings on what future that I had in mind for PaperOn Design. So some of my friends and customers have been wondering what happen to PaperOn Design, some of you maybe know that PaperOn is a block printed products, and then suddenly it was gone and I only posted about my surface pattern design work. 

Some may think I was quitting PaperOn handmade products business, or even  my products are not popular enough. It's not entirely false, but it's also not entirely trueWhen I was finishing my bachelor degree, I have a lot of time to think about my business, my business is my passion, at first I was running my business on a wimp, no preparations at all, and that's a mistake, I'm juggling between school, my business, my work as a designer even though it is also my business but I consider it as a career. Even though I had an employee at the time for helping my business, I don't have the satisfaction, I don't have feelings about my business, my passion start to burning out. So I let my employee go, even though I still have a stockist that get quiet a few sales, I just stocked left overs until all my products sell out, and the others I stop restocking. After I had an accident with my left hand, plus a carpal tunnel syndrome that is constant occurring, I don't have the strength anymore to block printing yards of fabric. So even though block printing is my love, I need a break. This is the time.

I think this is a necessity, to stop everything when you don't feeling about it, rather than just go autopilot and end up having bad products. With this break I have time to think a new start for my business, I have plans, I got my rhythm again and I have my passion again. It still block printing-ish, but with a new face and a new flare. I can't wait to relaunch PaperOn, and maybe some of you saw my sneak peek a while back on instagram, that I change my handmade products brand from PaperOn into WEES. PaperOn Design still exist, but I now claim it for my surface pattern design brand.

Labor of love

So wish me good luck, and I hope that you also live your passion. Thanks for all the support, and stay tune for WEES :)

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