Thursday, October 26, 2017

Quick Tutorial - How To Edit Color in Illustrator

A quick tutorial on how to edit the color of your repeat pattern.

• Open your pattern, or make a new document with size that you want. Use rectangle tool and click once on the artboard, and fill it with the same size of your artboard. Fill it with your pattern.

• With rectangle tool, make a box, click alt + drag your box to duplicate, ctrl / cmd D to make more duplicates. Fill it with the colors that you want

• Select all the colored boxes by click + drag around the boxes. Open swatches, if it not visible, go to window on the tool bar and click swatches. With the boxes still selected, on the swatches click the new color group and name your new colors.

• Select your pattern. Go to edit, edit colors, recolor artwork.

• On the recolor artwork dialogue box, you can see your new color group on the right side. Click your colors, and it will automaticaly change your pattern colors.

• You can also change it directly by changing the color boxes, if you still not pleased with your color.

• You can change the color uniformly too. Go to edit, edit color, recolor artwork. But this time we go to Edit, you can see your colors displayed in color circle. 

• To edit uniformly, click the link harmony colors, and choose the colors that you want. You can change the colors individualy by clicking the link harmony colors again.

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