Monday, July 16, 2012

Simple DIY Stamp

Today i made a stamp for my shop PAPERON, instead of having it custom made in some professional stamp maker (dont wanna cost anything for this haha). I decided to just make one, its very simple and i wanna show you how I made it with this step by step DIY pictures. It's really cost nothing because I already have all I need in my stash.

First you'll need

template of what your stamp would be. I used my PAPERON sticker

Craft foam (thicker for big stamp, thinner for tiny stamp)


craft knife or scissor

glue or spray sealant (go with spray if you have one)

Thick plastic for the stamp base. You could use a block of wood or acrylic if you have one

[caption id="attachment_219" align="aligncenter" width="300"] materials[/caption]


put your template on the foam, or trace it to the foam

Cut along the trace or your template, you could use a craft knife for the detail parts

After you finish cutting the template (mine are not to neat hehe, but its okay), line it for your desire position. Right side facing upward

Glue down the plastic or wood to the stamp, mine using a clear glue (thats what I have) so its messy (that blotchy thingy around the stamp) but you could wipe it later.

Cut the excess plastic. If you using a block of wood, measure a little bit larger than your stamp and cut it before gluing to the stamp.

Now you have a new stamp and ready for a try

Get your ink stamp and paper and try if the stamp is working nice.

Looks nice right? Now im gonna stamp all my paper wrapper for my shop with it.

If you try this tute, let me know how  your stamp turn out. Have fun :)

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