Monday, April 29, 2013

Gift for A Baby Boy

My closest friend just gave birth to a baby boy! We just went to see him today, he is so cute! And because I was awed by his cuteness, I forgot to take pictures haha typical.

I wanna show you what we made for him



We bought a plain t-shirt and with fabric marker Deni draw the baby, and I did the writing. Qaiser, that his name. And I wrapped it with couple of  things inside a brown bag (made it), and just loop couple of string ribbons.I know, the string ribbons bow are not to neat haha make a bow is not my thing.

Qaiser gift


Qaiser parents gave us a souvenir, so you still could see how cute he is on that mug. It's blurry.. Sorry, it's night and I only got my phone  to snap that mug. Ain't he cute? I miss him already.. maybe someday we will have baby of our own :)




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