Saturday, December 27, 2014

Baksya - Indonesian Handmade Gallery

Baksya - Indonesian Handmade Gallery is a shop nestled in the street of Prawirotaman 2, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, a white shop with a red door kindly greet thoughtful shopper who loves beautifully handcrafted limited goods.

Baksya is run by 9 creative women, Damiana Endah, Essy, Dea, Arkky (me), Sarie, Lia, Uci, Mila, and Meldha, women with different backgrounds who loves the same thing, creating something beautiful.

Meet our creation and other artisans online Also, find us : Facebook

left to right: Sarie, Lia, Damiana Endah, Sekar, Uci, Arkky, Dea, Meldha, minus two women, Mila and Essy

Sarie, Lia, Damiana Endah, Uci,Mila, Arkky, Sekar, Dea, Meldha, minus Essy


  1. kalo orang2 kreatif udah ngumpul ya, seneng banget bisa berkarya bareng : )

  2. iya nie, seneng luar biasa.. terimakasih sudah mampir ya :)