Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine Is Coming

Valentine's coming! This month's considered a festive day, so I gathered up with somethings I made if you already in the search for gifts for love one (wink wink)

This cushion cover is a hit in Society6! Can't get enough flowery cushion to squish right?

I just open up a shop at a local web site, Kado Kadi, a site full of handmade goodies from the locals. In there is my collection of block printed home and kitchen accessories, great for gift warming ;)

And also I open a gift shop together with 8 other creative ladies in our city, Yogyakarta. So if you happen to be here, do come by and say hi :) our shop is Baksya Gallery.

And for your date night, don't worry I got it covered :D, and you could get my block printed bags collection in our shop.

Enjoy this loveable month, and don't stop spreading the love of handmade ;)

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