Monday, September 14, 2015

Pattern Frenzy + DIY Mouse Pad

This post basicly is about bragging on my new Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, Graphic Edition haha, but to make up with all that bragging I have a DIY for you. Anyhoo this is not a sponsored post, I just so excited with this graphic edition wireless mouse.

I have been wanting a wireless mouse for some time because all of these crazy wires on my work table, so when I stumble upon this discount website I saw this 50% discount on a wireless mouse and above all, it has graphics on it! 

Cool right?! This version it's not new by the way, I think it was released in 2013. I bought the one with Saksi print on it, when I saw this Saksi, I thought this is meant to be! I have a pattern design that have a matching colors so I as well making a new mouse pad to accompany my new mice :)

So here's come the DIY, a simple DIY mouse pad that you could make from your old mouse pad. By the way, I wish someday my design could be on that mouse, keep dreaming until it came true right?! :D

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